Audit of your Facility & Supporting Network Infrastructure


Due to the onset of COVID-19, companies more than ever, need to have a strong and reliable data network to keep their businesses running and operating as efficiently as possible. Curtis Agencies has decided to provide a proactive & cost effective approach to assist in this matter.


We are providing companies with an audit of their server room, rack or network closet either in person or virtually, to assess the efficiency and reliability of the supporting IT network infrastructure.  The goal being to identify areas where operational costs can be reduced by maximizing overall efficiency and identifying any areas of weakness in the existing deployment.

How Do We Go About This?

  • We can schedule to do an on-site assessment. Due to COVID 19 restrictions if this is not possible see other steps noted below.

  • Provide pictures of the nameplate data of your existing equipment and send them to our contact info noted below.

  • Provide any drawings or other product documentation you might have on your equipment.

  • We can schedule a virtual tour.

So What Are You Getting From Us?

A report that identifies your existing equipment, age, efficiency, load and life cycle.

And What Do We Get From This?

As your trusted adviser we would like the opportunity to ensure that you are aware of and implementing best industry practices.

How can we help?

Fill out this form and we can answer any questions you may have, and get you started on your audit!

IT Network Audits For Your Business 

Have a reliable data network and keep your business running efficiently during these unprecedented times.

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